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What style of sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Summer is a season of dazzling, especially dazzling sunshine, feel the rhythm of every moment to be stabbed eyes blind. This time we will need a pair of sunglasses. What style of sunglasses? Recommended reading: polarized sunglasses and what is the difference between ordinary sunglasses? Ms sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses below small make up first to introduce too glasses style 1: the cat's eye sunglasses style cat's eye sunglasses is an enduring sheet is tasted, with a sort of style restoring ancient ways, tilted slightly on both ends of the frame, with a kind of wild and pride, individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Ferial wear low-key simple cat's eye sunglasses has been is remarkable. Attend parties and other occasions, you can choose the more brilliant leopard or amphibole frame sunglasses. 2: aviator sunglasses, aviator sunglasses is the classic sunglasses, design is simple and easy but smartly, especially ray-ban as the typical representative. Fashion and colorful, dazzling, chao, let the wearer can easily become the focus in any occasion. 3: oversized sunglasses in sixties and seventies of the last century oversize frames sunglasses to return again this summer, oversized sunglasses, a third lens cover even half face highlighted face small and type, complete with shade problem without makeup, and other functions. And a large area of the lens can keep out more ultraviolet ray, is sorching summer most practical item of tone. 4: round sunglasses round sunglasses popular in the 70 s, has a strong flavour restoring ancient ways, beautiful modelling of restoring ancient ways is a magic weapon. 5: creative sunglasses if classic sunglasses cannot meet the demand of your fashion, might as well choose a bold novel creative sunglasses. A variety of powerful and unconstrained style is designed, make simple sunglasses are more fun, also can make you stand out in all people. It's hard to say what sort of sunglasses more good-looking, these basic design is the more common styles, all have their own characteristics, when can we choose more choose to suit their own situation.
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