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What styles of sunglasses for men?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
Sunglasses now become more and more people are fashion accessories, whether it's tides male or female, sunglasses have good modification effect on the plastic. So what styles of sunglasses for men? Recommended reading: how to choose a suitable for your sunglasses? Sunglasses factory YC9703 women sunglasses sunglasses now small make up to introduce men some of the basic design 1: more classic than ray-ban aviator style, belongs to the classic fashion sunglasses. Double beam sunglasses usually pay attention to light on its leg design and pay attention to the design and material selection of socks, especially in the sense of texture and luster is exquisite, more like, wearing also is very comfortable, and this style of sunglasses even there is a man of ambition, intelligent and mature feeling inside, and deep like men. 2: fashion sunglasses is the classic popular style restoring ancient ways, the circular frame, seems to let you go back to the feeling of the republic of China. Retro sunglasses, wear very fan, particularly for vintage clothing, with restoring ancient ways and more stylish, reveal a gentle and high side. 3: geometry sunglasses styles pays close attention to this kind of sunglasses, geometrical line showing a sense of beauty, with a sense of science and technology in the future, give priority to with bold lines, color and texture is diverse, can be monochrome off, also can be double tone, more highlight personal aura sense and show its high LengFan, very stylish. And a modified face is good also, basic can say is fit for men and women. That is now more popular style of sunglasses. Sunglasses can not only reduce uv damage to the glasses, and personal charm index increase. Is summer a good eye.
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