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What sunglasses do big-eyed beauty stars like? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-19
When it comes to big-eyed beauties, everyone will easily think of the beauties in the entertainment industry. The beauties all have a pair of beautiful big eyes, and different eye characteristics and different eye charms add a unique charm to them. charm. And the sunglasses that celebrities like are also very popular. Let's take a look at what sunglasses big-eyed beauty celebrities like. As a big-eyed beauty star in the entertainment circle, Fan Ye with retro round sunglasses has a standard melon face, delicate face, and fair skin. Whether it is a costume drama or a modern drama, it is still so prominent among beauties. Among the sunglasses that Fan Ye likes, retro round sunglasses are absolutely indispensable. Fan Ye's melon seed face is matched with retro round sunglasses, which is very literary and artistic, and the dress can be matched with a big brim hat to add a retro feel. Or simple and elegant fashion collocation, fair skin, black sunglasses, more youthful vitality. Irregular-shaped sunglasses Liu Shishi is also a big-eyed beauty star in the entertainment industry, and she became the ninth 'Golden Eagle Goddess' in 2014. Needless to say, her popularity. Liu Shishi's face belongs to the kind of plump face, basically, wearing most sunglasses is very beautiful. The irregular-shaped sunglasses that Liu Shishi wears better modify the line of her face. The overall look is firm and soft, which is in line with her elegant temperament. Whether you are participating in large-scale events or playing in a low-key manner, it is also easy to match clothes. How can the big-eyed beauty with square sunglasses be without Li Xiang? As the first sister of the hosting industry, Sister Xiang, since 'Where Are We Going, Dad' daughter Wang Shiling has become popular, Li Xiang's family can be described as both fame and fortune, a happy family, and a successful career. Not to be envied. When it's time to go out low-key, it's still low-key, and naturally sunglasses are an important tool. The square sunglasses worn by Li Xiang are obviously characterized by a strong sense of lines. Black-framed sunglasses naturally greatly reduce the strength of being noticed, and their tough features can ease the soft lines of the face. After wearing them, they are more fashionable, and they still faintly reveal the temperament of a strong woman, which is in line with Hunan. Sister's temperament characteristics.
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