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What sunglasses should you wear while driving?_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-13
Sunglasses on the market can be said to be dazzling, rich in colors, and unique styles, which are liked by many people. Wearing sunglasses while driving is also a very common phenomenon, which not only protects eyes, but also enjoys driving. fun of. Let's take a look at what sunglasses to wear while driving. In addition to ordinary sunglasses, there are polarized sunglasses, color-changing mirrors that can also protect against ultraviolet rays, and myopia sunglasses. Of course, among the many sunglasses, it is better to choose sunglasses with polarized effect. Because polarized sunglasses are made according to the principle of polarization, they can effectively filter out reflected light and cluttered light, which can make the picture clearer. For example, the reflected light of the road surface, the reflected light of the building, etc., these lights are not only dazzling, but also if the reflected light is too strong, it is not conducive to driving. Therefore, choosing polarized sunglasses is a very good choice for driving. If it is myopia, choose myopia sunglasses, there are many types of myopia sunglasses, and it is generally better to choose sunglasses with clips. In this way, it is not a problem whether it is UV protection or seeing things in the distance, which is very convenient. The choice of lens color, the color is different, the absorption of light is also different, generally it is better to choose brown or gray. The gray lens can evenly absorb any color spectrum without obvious chromatic aberration, and the displayed picture is real and natural. Brown lenses can filter out a lot of blue light well, improve visual contrast and clarity, and wear better in fog and air pollution. The color of the lens should not be those that are particularly dark. The depth of the color will only affect the light transmittance, and the lens needs to protect the eyes. Sunglasses brands are good, these brands are very good in terms of lens quality and wearing comfort. Especially in terms of UV protection, they all have high UV protection capabilities, and generally speaking, brand sunglasses are better in the choice of materials. Like Ray-Ban sunglasses, OULE sunglasses, Baosheng sunglasses, etc., they all have good UV protection. The materials of the sunglasses sold by some stalls will be relatively inferior, and the UV protection function of the lenses is relatively poor, which can not protect the eyes.
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