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What the world is the high-end brand sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-06
Expensive high-end sunglasses not only because of its material value, more important, because the high-end sunglasses will tide, temperament interpretation is very perfect, can let a person's overall temperament is a very large increase, and elaborate design can not only make the wearer feel very comfortable, for uv protection can do it. So we learn about the world top ten brand of high-end sunglasses. 1, Jane longed for gentle monster Korea sunglasses brands, with & quot; Experience & quot; As the foundation, set products, space, style, culture, science and technology the five areas, to convey to the world surprises and echocardiography. 2, ray-ban Ray - Ban was founded in 1930, the United States, special air force pilots. Ray-ban sunglasses RB4125F men 901 black 3, tyrannosaurus glasses ten big brands, professional committed to the production design glasses sunglasses enterprises, large frame manufacturing enterprises. 4, st Prosun, founded in 1993, the Chinese arctic and Antarctic expedition exclusive special sunglasses brands, professional manufacturer of sunglasses. 5, Gucci Gucci began in 1921, one of Italy's biggest fashion group, world famous luxury brands, & quot; Made in Italy & quot; The classic. Ms gucci GG3685 / F/S sunglasses gradient black 6 udhd6, Dior Dior began in France in 1947, on behalf of the noble and elegant life style is the essence of the brand, the world famous brand. 7, Armani Armani founded in milan in 1975, the world famous luxury brand, one of the most famous designer brands around the world. 8, the Cleveland OAKLEY creates in 1975, one of the ten famous brands in sunglasses, internationally renowned brands, professional enterprise dedicated to the production design of glasses sunglasses. 9, PORTS, PORTS and in 1961, the international famous fashion brand, loved by the Chinese intellectual women, 10 professional women's clothing brand. Was founded in Hong Kong in 1993, 10, dolphin or PORPOISE famous trademark of zhejiang province, zhejiang famous brand products, one of the leading enterprises in glasses industry in China. Every high-end sunglasses for fashion, and the crowd of brand positioning is different, so choose sunglasses not only to choose the style, brand, look more fashion, more want to choose to suit oneself life and working environment of sunglasses, to protect the eyes as the main starting point.
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