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What to do with 1000 degree myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-05-02
There are many low-to-moderate myopia, and there are many myopic people among many teenagers. Now the widespread use of electronic products has made many teenagers with high myopia degrees higher and higher, especially those who are highly myopic. What should a person with myopia do? First, it is a relatively simple and common method to correct glasses with glasses, but because 1000 degrees of myopia is already very high , It is considered super high myopia. If you wear glasses, you must use high-refractive-index lenses, so that the lenses will be thinner and lighter, while the frame should be equipped with a small full-frame frame, which is overall beautiful and light in weight. Second, you can wear contact lenses. If you don’t like to wear frame glasses, you can choose contact lenses. However, the degree of frame glasses should be calculated here. After the degree of contact lenses is converted, you need to choose the degree. When wearing contact lenses, you must pay attention to care, otherwise It can easily lead to eye disease, and even blindness in severe cases. Some people will recommend wearing orthokeratology lenses, which can control the development of myopia, but because 1000 degrees of myopia is super high myopia, and the film-coated orthokeratology lenses are suitable for those below 600 degrees. If the degree is too high, correct it. The effect will be worse. Orthokeratology is also subject to strict inspection and professional glasses. In fact, the number of people with high myopia who can meet orthokeratology is very small. Many factors will affect the effect of orthokeratology. In addition, Wearing orthokeratology lenses also requires regular check-ups, which is also a problem for 1000-degree myopia. Third, correct vision through surgery and do eye surgery for correction. For 1000 degrees myopia, many people are not eligible for laser myopia surgery due to their thin cornea. Currently, ICL correction is used, mainly through a small After the operation, the incision can heal itself, the duration is relatively short, the safety is high, and high-definition vision can be restored without cutting the cornea. . However, ICL correction surgery is also surgery, any surgery also has certain risks, and CL correction surgery will also have complications.
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