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What to do with contact lens grinding? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-12
Sometimes wearing contact lenses will cause eye wear. No matter where you buy the contact lenses, similar situations may occur. It is recommended that you should not continue to wear contact lenses when you are grind your eyes, and you must deal with it in time, otherwise it may also induce certain eye diseases. What should we do if contact lenses grind our eyes? Determining the front and back. Many people wear their eyes because they wear the contact lens upside down. Generally, we only need to take it off, and then determine the front and back of the contact lens. It's just that it is easier to deal with it if you wear it upside down. Clean the lens again and put it on again to solve the problem of eye wear. Cleaning up contaminants Sometimes certain contaminants, such as eyelashes, fibers, etc., appear when wearing contact lenses. It is indeed easier to grind your eyes, and it is difficult to clean them after wearing contact lenses. It is recommended that you take off your contact lenses first, clean them and wear them again. In fact, you should determine whether it has been cleaned before you wear it. If there are more contaminants and secretions, you must do a good job of cleaning. Determining the damage. Many people wear contact lenses that are discarded every year or half a year, so they are prone to damage. Maybe we didn't pay attention when we put it on, but once we feel that we wear our eyes, 80 to 90% of it is also due to damage. Even if only one edge of the contact lens is broken, it will wear the eyes very much, and it may also cause the whole body to break, which will have more impact on the eyes. Poor eye condition If you have poor eye condition, you may also experience eye wear. Moreover, trachoma and eye inflammation may cause contact lens wear. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try not to wear contact lenses for two days a week, so that the eyes have sufficient rest time, so that long-term wearing of contact lenses will not cause other problems.
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