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What to do with left eye amblyopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-14
Compared with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, the obvious difference between amblyopia is that there is no obvious organic disease in the eye, that is, refractive error with visual acuity less than 0.9, which is the so-called 'amblyopia'. Its therapeutic effect is directly related to the factor of age, that is, the best treatment time is under 12 years old, and it will be difficult to treat beyond this range. So what to do with left eye amblyopia, let's take a look at it together. There are many kinds of treatment methods for left and right amblyopia, but the corresponding optometry must be carried out in the treatment, and then the best treatment method should be selected according to the pathological nature of the amblyopia patient. At present, there are the following methods for treating amblyopia: 1. Light brush training: using external light to further stimulate cells in the macula, especially when looking at the paracenter, the effect will be more obvious. 2. Afterimage therapy: Find a virtual scene and integrate the method of amblyopia treatment with computer animation, so that the macular area of u200bu200bthe fundus can be eliminated to varying degrees, and then eccentric fixation can be corrected to improve vision. 3. Correcting refractive errors: that is, using the principle of lenses, so that objects can be clearly imaged on the retina, eliminating the troubles caused by amblyopia to the eyes. 4. Red light flickering training: Use red light with a wavelength of 630nm to stimulate cells in the central area of u200bu200bthe macula, which is also a more sensitive area of u200bu200bthe fundus, which can accelerate the growth of cells and improve vision. In addition to the above, occlusion therapy, visual stimulation therapy, depression therapy therapy, red filter, etc. are all commonly used methods for the treatment of amblyopia. However, before using these methods, it is better to check the health of the eyes, go to a regular optical shop for optometry, wear moderate glasses, and then combine the above methods of treating amblyopia to treat different degrees of amblyopia. In this way, amblyopia can be cured quickly and effectively, and the eyesight can be restored to its original state.
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