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What to do with myopia and astigmatism? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-08
Many people may have this phenomenon of 'myopia and astigmatism'. In fact, for eye diseases like myopia and astigmatism, the sooner the correction is made, the better, otherwise it will cause poor eye development. However, many parents only care about their children's myopia and never care about their children's astigmatism. This approach is very wrong. Myopia, like astigmatism, is a refractive error. Failure to treat it early will affect the development of the eyes and even lead to a sharp decline in vision. So, what to do with myopia and astigmatism, let's take a look together today. 1. The principle of myopia and astigmatism. Myopia refers to the lengthening of the axis of the eye, resulting in objects that cannot be clearly gathered on the retina. Astigmatism is related to the curvature of the cornea. In some people, the corneal thickness is uneven, leading to the refractive rate of each meridian of the cornea. Inconsistent, so that the light cannot be accurately focused on the retina, causing the eyes to be unable to see external objects clearly. There is no direct connection between astigmatism and myopia, but people with astigmatism can be corrected with myopia lenses, but myopia cannot be corrected with astigmatism lenses. Second, it is possible to correct myopia and astigmatism with glasses to correct myopia and astigmatism. First, accurately measure the degree of myopia and the degree of astigmatism, and then measure an accurate degree of myopia plus astigmatism through the degree of offset rule, which is generally normal Optical shops know how to measure. After measuring the accurate diopter, you need to wear moderate glasses to correct it. As long as you keep wearing glasses regularly every day, the astigmatism will gradually disappear over a period of time and improve your eye vision. Everyone should know that myopic lenses can correct astigmatism, but astigmatism lenses cannot correct myopia. Therefore, the corrective lenses worn must be myopic lenses to effectively correct myopia and astigmatism. But there is one point. There are two types of astigmatism, regular and irregular. Regular astigmatism can be corrected with myopia lenses, while irregular astigmatism cannot be corrected with myopia, and can only be corrected with rigid contact lenses. In short, whether it is myopia plus astigmatism or astigmatism plus myopia, the accurate refractive power should be measured before treatment, and then corrective with moderate myopia lenses or rigid contact lenses. Remember, myopia and astigmatism are the same, both belong to a kind of refractive error of the eye, and both require effective care and treatment. At the same time, remember that the sooner myopia and astigmatism are treated, the better.
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