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What types of color lens? How should choose?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Choosing color glasses, mainly from the functions and characteristics of the lens, the purpose of the glasses, and personal aspects of consideration to the requirement of color. 1. Grey lens: can absorb infrared and 98% of the ultraviolet light. Grey lens big benefit is won't make the scene of the original color change due to the lens, and at the same time can be very effective in reducing the light intensity. Gray lenses for any chromatography can balance absorption, so watch the scenery will only dim, but do not have clear off color, show your natural feeling. Belong to the neuter color, comply with all people to use. 2. Pink lens: it can absorb 95% of ultraviolet light. If it is a vision correction glasses, ms must always wear the good choose the lens with pink, because pink lens to absorb ultraviolet light function is good, and can reduce the overall intensity, so the wearer will feel more comfortable. 3. Pink and light purple lens: the lens, because its color is relatively deep, more popular with mature women. 4. Dark brown lens: absorbs 100% of the ultraviolet ray, dark brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity. Especially under the condition of air pollution is serious or foggy wearing effect is better. Generally can block smooth shiny surface reflects light, wear glasses still can see small part, is the ideal choice of the driver. For older, more than 600 degrees high vision patients, can give priority to. 5. Light blue lens: the seaside beach fun to wear the blue lenses, can effectively filter the water and blue sky reflected light blue. Drive should avoid to use the blue lenses, because it allows us to distinguish between the color of the traffic signal. 6. Green lens: green lenses can it and grey lens, can effectively absorb the infrared and ultraviolet light. In absorb light at the same time, to increase the green light to eyes, so there is the feeling of cool and comfortable, suitable for use eye fatigue. 7. Yellow lenses: yellow lens features a large absorb most of the blue light, can make the nature scenery more clear, therefore, the yellow lenses are commonly used to as a 'filter', or when the hunters hunting used. Strictly speaking, this kind of lens does not belong to the sun glasses, because it almost does not reduce the visible light, but in the foggy and at dusk, the yellow lenses can improve contrast, provide more accurate video, so also known as night-vision goggles.
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