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What vitamins are good for eyes? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
The health of the eyes directly affects our vision, and the protection of the eyes is even more important. Especially in today's society, a lot of light is irritating to the eyes, and all kinds of radiant light have a great harmful effect on the eyes. In addition to some common sense to protect the eyes, you can also eat more foods that are good for the eyes. the vitamin thing. Let’s take a look at the vitamins that are good for the eyes. 1. Vitamin A Vitamin A has always been regarded as the holy product in eye protection and is indispensable for the eyes. Vitamin A is a substance that makes up the visual cells of the human eye that can sense low light. If vitamin A is lacking, it will be difficult to see things clearly in a poor light environment, which is why some people lack vitamin A. Causes of night blindness. In addition, vitamin A can maintain the healthy function of epithelial tissue, and can also affect the normal secretion of tears and mucus. Lack of vitamin A can easily lead to dry eyes and severe dry eyes. Second, vitamin B vitamin B1 has a nutritional effect on the optic nerve. If vitamin B1 is lacking, will the eyes feel fatigued easily, vision loss, and eye edema. Vitamin B2 has a good role in maintaining the normal metabolism of the retina and cornea, but if it is lacking, the eyes will be prone to redness, inflammation of the cornea, and tearing of the eyes. 3. Vitamin C Vitamin C is an important substance in the eye lens of the eye. If there is a lack of vitamin C, the lens will become cloudy and cause cataracts. Moreover, vitamin C also has an antioxidant effect, which can resist the oxidation of free radicals and protect the eyes. Fourth, vitamin D Vitamin D can help the absorption of calcium. If it is lacking, it will lead to edema and softening of the cornea and sclera. It will also lead to high myopia in children, and it will also cause corneal ulcers and other eye diseases. 5. Vitamin E Vitamin E has a strong antioxidant effect, which can inhibit the oxidative lipid reaction of the lens, resist the damage of free radicals to the eyes, effectively protect the lens and retina of the eyes, improve blood circulation, and prevent myopia.
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