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What winter sunglasses lens color?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Sunglasses because of the influence of the name, many people will think it is only the function of the sun, and so many people will think that is only suitable for sunglasses in the summer. In fact in the winter, the role of the sunglasses in the summer than they were a little small, if you want to know the winter sunshine though is not very strong, but it is all the year round ultraviolet (uv) light, and in the snow day wearing sunglasses can prevent snow blindness. But not what color lenses that are suitable for winter, because of sunglasses lens colors affect many factors, so in the winter sunglasses lens color to choose you, then let's know what winter sunglasses lens color? Brown or brown, brown or brown, can enhance the visibility of the color to the driver's safety concerns have certain effect is best, brown or brown lens of sunglasses is the right choice of winter driving. Ray-ban RB3016 - M men sunglasses 1182/4 e wood: it's light brown. Brown is the most suitable for winter, because in the winter, too deep or too shallow of sunglasses lens colors are not suitable. And dark brown can improve visual contrast and clarity, filter out a lot of blue light. Especially in the winter haze days, let you view more clear and bright. The best of silver: silver lenses are mercury lens, because it USES a high density of lens coating, suitable for outdoor sports, so like fishing, mountain climbing, cycling, can choose mercury lens sunglasses in winter. Pink or red, pink or red winter lenses, in the case of strong glare, can enhance contrast and vividness, is very suitable for snow activity to use, so he who loves skiing, climbing mountains in choosing a ski sunglasses, also can choose red or reddish sunglasses lenses. Recommended reading: in winter, big sunglasses how collocation fashion sweater nice ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown man hipster frog mirror fashion Asia edition gray and green: although the two color is not belong to the same color, but it is winter the best lenses to match clothing color, of course, can play a protective role for human eyes.
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