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When does the human eye begin to bloom? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-29
Presbyopia of the human eye is actually normal. After a person gets older, the organs of the body begin to decline. Glasses are no exception. The lens of the eye will also age, and with age, the adjustment ability of the human eye It was also declining, so presbyopia slowly appeared. As individuals have different eyes and physiques, the time spent on presbyopia is also different. Let’s take a look at when the presbyopia begins. It is traditionally believed that presbyopia occurs when people are around the age of fifty, but now many people in their forties begin to have presbyopia. The early arrival of presbyopia is mainly those who usually use their eyes more closely, such as computers. Workers in front of them, bank employees, clerical workers, etc., are more prone to fatigue due to long-term use of the eyes at close range, the elasticity of the lens weakens prematurely, and the presbyopia is out of line early. Human eyes see near and far are adjusted by the ciliary muscles around the lens, but with age, after the age of forty, the adjustment ability of the eyes decreases, and the adjustment ability of the eyes cannot meet the needs of seeing near, and presbyopia is also Appeared. And with age, the ability to adjust is also weakened, and the degree of presbyopia also deepens. Generally, presbyopia grows by about 25 degrees per year. By the age of sixty, the presbyopia degree is basically stable. Generally, if presbyopia occurs, you need optometry and wear appropriate glasses for correction, but the place where you choose optometry and glasses must be a professional place, and you can’t just buy a pair of reading glasses on the street to use it, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the correctness of the degree , It will only increase eye fatigue. There are also some people who have presbyopia late. The appearance of presbyopia is early and late. Generally, it is mainly related to personal eye use habits, adjustment range, living habits and personal physical fitness and other factors. People who use their eyes at close range for a long time usually arrive early.
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