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When GIORGIO ARMANI in the film 'no two letters'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Do you still remember that 'Beijing in Seattle'? Yes, the no 2 letters it second. Starring super wu, also is the protagonist in the first film, will be wearing a Giorgio Armani dress in this film. 'No two love letter of Beijing in Seattle' has been completed in China, the United States and Britain, is scheduled for April 29 in mainland China and Hong Kong, then will be shown around the world. In the film, super wu played a senior real estate agents in the United States, he wore a tie ANI light jackets, motorcycle jacket and Giorgio Armani Frames of restoring ancient ways of Life series circular optical glasses. 'In my career, for the big screen of many characters and roles to provide clothing, they all have a common characteristic: good aesthetic. Very happy to be able to work with the director Xue Xiaolu and super wu, he is an absolutely a lots of classic fashion outstanding column in the Giorgio Armani clothes. Including navy blue plaid patterns of double button flat barge head suit, with all the shirts and ties, or matching t-shirts, reveals a more casual style. His other dress include Giorgio Arm. 'Said Giorgio Armani. Film director Xue Xiaolu: 'not two letters of' Beijing in Seattle to be able to cooperate with Giorgio Armani is complement each other, the brand has rich experience in film and television costume design and traditional. I think, carefully selected these costumes, successfully shaping the image of a mature man, clothing, surface decoration, and details of the profile modification of the place, all can reflect his gentleman with good manners. 'Star of super wu:' I was wearing a Giorgio Armani dress attended a lot of different occasions, whether it is the red carpet, Giorgio Armani fashion show, or gather with friends and family in our daily life, Giorgio Armani dress can always let me feel more comfortable. In the film in Armani dress more perfect to my personal style. 'Friends don't forget to watch movies when I watch tide uncle super wu clothing collocation. This article from ELLE Chinese website, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. cnkaity@yichao. cnkaity@yichao. Cn
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