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Where are glasses cheap in Shenzhen? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-01
Shenzhen is my country's first special economic zone, which has attracted businessmen from all over the world and established various shops in the city over the years. Among them, the optical shop is the largest one, and it is located in every corner of the city, so there are many people wearing glasses here. However, the level of consumers in Shenzhen is so high, where is the cheaper and more affordable glasses? Today, I will take you to find out! First, Shenzhen can go to Henggang Glasses City to get glasses. Different consumers have different prices for glasses It is understood that for consumers who want to buy thousands or tens of thousands of pairs, professional glasses chain institutions cannot meet the needs of these consumers. Consumers like this are better off going to the glasses city. The well-known glasses city in Shenzhen is in Henggang, where not only the glasses are rich in styles and brands, but the wholesale glasses are also very cheap, and you can buy one for as little as 10 yuan. vice. Second, you can choose to wear glasses. If you just want to match a pair of glasses, or a few glasses, you must first go to a more formal optical shop. The more formal optical shops in Shenzhen include Baodao Glasses, Doctor Glasses, etc. Like the optical technology and optometry design of these three optical shops, they are very professional and scientific. They are relatively large-scale optical chain institutions in China, and many people should know it. However, if it comes to cheap glasses, as far as I know, the glasses are more affordable. Third, the glasses frames are more cost-effective and are of excellent quality. Compared with Baodao and Dr., the reason why glasses are cheap and affordable is because the MTOC direct sales model is adopted. All glasses are purchased directly from regular mirror factories. After passing through any dealers, the circulation cost of glasses is reduced; in addition, the adopted office sales system reduces the rent of optical shops. Therefore, glasses of the same brand are about half cheaper. Therefore, since its establishment in 2011, there have been more than 70 chain optical stores across the country, and it is the most trusted glasses brand for Shenzhen residents.
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