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Where are glasses cheap?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-20
Eyes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism all need to be corrected to achieve normal vision, and glasses are undoubtedly the choice of most people. Nowadays, many people think that glasses are more expensive, whether it is to go to an eye hospital to get glasses or to get glasses in an optical shop. Where is the cheapest glasses? It is recommended to go, it is cheaper to get glasses here. The adoption of e-commerce and direct sales model greatly reduces the cost output, and saves the cost output of agents, store rents, and the intermediate links of factory direct sales. The use of office spectacles reduces rent and costs, making the price of spectacles more favorable than other optical shops. The national model produced is large, and there are dozens of physical stores across the country. Large-scale production, the cost is naturally low, to meet the customer's demand for high quality and low price when purchasing. Simplify the staff and pay more attention to the experience level of the staff. Optometrists are carefully selected to ensure the technical level of optometry. When customers choose glasses, they can choose their favorite frames and lenses independently, from the details of the glasses. Reduced costs. The after-sales service is good. In terms of maintenance and care and cleaning, customers can enjoy services. If there are problems such as dropped drills, lens scratches, frame scratches, and non-welding points of the frame that cannot be directly replaced, they can be sent to the machining center for repair. Within the scope of the service, if the wearing is uncomfortable, you can re-examine and replace the lens. Optometry adopts professional Hong Kong-style 21-step optometry service, inherits the optometry process of Hong Kong ophthalmologists, and aims at customer accuracy. Equipped with high-end optometry equipment, color 3D computer refractometer, interpupillary distance ruler, eye chart, computer focimeter, slit lamp, insert box, comprehensive refractometer, keratometer, etc., to serve customers wholeheartedly. The materials selected in the craftsmanship are excellent, and the processing of the subtleties is also meticulous. The processing equipment adopts imported equipment to effectively ensure the quality of the glasses. From raw materials to finished products, the experience of 32 to the procedure is strictly controlled, professional management, excellence, to create high-quality glasses. Whether it is optometry or the choice of glasses, it can meet the needs of customers. There are also various styles and types of glasses. The combination of online shopping malls and physical stores is convenient for customers, whether it is pre-sales or after-sales service. of. In addition, one-stop service from material selection to pattern making saves the cost of intermediate links for customers. Cooperation with excellent partners ensures high quality in terms of quality.
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