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Where can I change my glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-23
Changing the lenses of glasses is something that people who wear glasses all year round need to be more concerned about. No matter how good a pair of lenses, they have a shelf life. Once the shelf life is reached, they must be replaced to avoid damage to their eyesight during wearing. Therefore, after wearing a pair of glasses for a long time, it is better to find a regular optician to replace the lenses to ensure that the vision can still be well corrected during the wearing process. So where should I go to replace the spectacle lenses? Let's take a look at it together. Recently, I often see some information on the Internet, such as the first choice for glasses, the first choice for sunglasses, and the first choice for contact lenses. After careful investigation by the editor, it is found that it is one of the national optician chain institutions. It has a professional, scientific and high-tech optician team at home and abroad. It is a large-scale brand glasses shop that is more popular in China in recent years. The reason why it is deeply loved by the masses is that compared with traditional optical shops, in addition to its own major brands of sunglasses, contact lenses, frame glasses and various glasses, its independent glasses styles and quality are all It adopts newer foreign technology research, allowing the wearer to enjoy the perfect vision while showing the emotion and charm of the modern city. In addition, compared with traditional eyewear shops, the Hong Kong medical standard 21-step optometry technology can be used to measure the patient's diopter more comprehensively, accurately and quickly, so that patients can have a clearer and broader visual experience. At the same time, the 'MTIC' direct sales model is adopted, which reduces the circulation cost of glasses, so the same glasses can save half of the price. To sum up, as a large formal spectacle shop in China, its many branded lenses, such as Essilor lenses and Zeiss lenses, can meet the needs of the masses for lens replacement. In addition, the high-tech optometry technology and the more cost-effective business model are in line with the consumer's concept of the masses. Therefore, it is credible that the first choice for glasses for changing lenses.
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