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Where can students get glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-16
The places where students wear glasses can be divided into three types, traditional glasses shops (such as Baodao, Jingyi, PhD, etc.), glasses city, and eye hospital. Among them, for the glasses city, since the main is the distribution of glasses, if a pair of glasses is equipped separately, the optics technology, optometry equipment and the quality of the glasses in the shops of the glasses city are not guaranteed, so ordinary students will not Consider the glasses city with glasses. So where do students wear glasses? Where are glasses cheap? Where are glasses good? Let's take a look at it together. 1. It is not recommended to equip glasses in the glasses city. Since the glasses city mainly focuses on the wholesale of glasses, it is not considered to equip glasses in this place. For the eye hospital, the optometry equipment is well-equipped, and the technology is relatively smart and professional. Myopia patients say that people who perform optometry in this place can measure the patient's refractive power more accurately and quickly, and wear moderate glasses. However, although the ophthalmology hospital is specialized in optometry, the quality of its glasses is not guaranteed. Generally, they are purchased directly from other places without qualified inspection and certification, so the quality of glasses is not guaranteed. Second, you can go to a traditional optical shop to get glasses. For a traditional optical shop, the quality of glasses, optometry and optics technology are all affirmed and trusted by consumers. For example, Baodao glasses, in addition to professional optometry, rich styles, and diversified glasses styles, their high-quality glasses quality allows the wearer to enjoy a comfortable vision while blocking 100% of the harmful effects of sunlight. The light allows the wearer to have a comfortable, clear and safe visual experience. But for traditional optical shops such as Baodao, Jingyi, and Doctorate, the shops are mainly downtown commercial streets, so a pair of glasses is more than 1,000 yuan, which is not suitable for students' consumption concept. Three, can choose, more cost-effective In addition to traditional optical shops, eye hospitals and glasses city, the first domestic '' adopting the MTOC direct sales model, is deeply loved and favored by many young people in China. Compared with traditional eyewear shops, due to the adoption of the MTOC direct sales model, which reduces the circulation costs of glasses, half the price of the same glasses style can be saved. Coupled with the Hong Kong-style medical standard optometry technology, it combines traditional computer and medical optometry technology, and it is free to experience. Compared with other optometry techniques, in addition to being affordable, it is more scientific, more professional and more reliable.
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