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Where do I go for glasses frame repair? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-22
Whether it is the need for vision correction or the pursuit of fashion, spectacle frames are more and more widely used in life. Nowadays, many fashionable spectacle frames are not only beautiful and charming, but also made of high-quality materials, which are very classy and suitable for many occasions. If there is a problem with the spectacle frame, many people will consider the maintenance of the spectacle frame. Let's take a look at the maintenance of spectacle frames. Glasses repair generally refers to the use of professional glasses repair tools to repair the damaged spectacle frames. In some cases, a small part of the frame material needs to be heated by laser pulses in order to better complete the welding of the spectacle frames. Nowadays, it is rare to see where there are professional eyeglass frame repairs. Some of the larger professional eyeglass stores also provide some eyeglass frame repairs. For example, some problems such as changing the nose pads and tightening the screws. If some spectacle frames are broken, they cannot be repaired. This is because the repair technology of the eye shop is not so high, and the corresponding repair technology is also lacking. At present, the maintenance of metal spectacle frames mainly uses more traditional welding methods, but there are obvious shortcomings. The welding point is large, which affects the appearance. If high-temperature welding, it will also affect the internal molecular structure of the metal of the spectacle frame. The service life of the frame is improved. For the maintenance of spectacle frames, some require the use of advanced laser technology to solve the fracture of the metal frame. The advantages of this technology are that the welding points are small, and the range of oxidation is greatly reduced. The precision is higher, and the spectacle frame after repair is more beautiful than the traditional repair.
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