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Where is Zhenjiang good with glasses?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-01
Zhenjiang is located in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, on the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is the most innovative city in mainland China and has the reputation of 'the best country in the world'. Of course, the optical shops in Zhenjiang are all equipped with advanced equipment and accurate optometry. Therefore, the technology of matching glasses is quite trustworthy and is favored by consumers. So where should Zhenjiang go with glasses? Let's take a look at it together. When it comes to glasses in Zhenjiang Optical City, everyone should know that compared to other optical shops, the price is much cheaper. The types of glasses are also very complete, with various styles and varieties, which can meet the needs of consumers. However, glasses in places like the Optical City are generally mainly wholesale, which is not very suitable for some young people who specialize in glasses. The optometry equipment is not very complete, and the optometry will not reach the standard of its own. The spectacles that came out did not match the power of our eyes, and I felt dizzy when wearing them. Therefore, there are still many disadvantages in matching glasses in places like this. Zhenjiang Eye Hospital and the Traditional Eyeglasses Matching Hospital are equivalent to the more accurate optometry of the optician. For consumers who specialize in eyeglasses, the medical optometry is still relatively reliable. However, in the hospital optometry, the majority of consumers feel that the cost is too high, and some cumbersome procedures are particularly large, so it is not very suitable for everyone. Although there is no hospital preparation for traditional glasses optometry, the optometry equipment is advanced and the quality is very good. But one downside is that the rent of the shop is too expensive, resulting in a lot of increase in the cost of glasses, each pair of glasses is almost 2,000 or so. Zhenjiang M2C model chain glasses shop with glasses Speaking of M2C model glasses shop, here is the first recommendation to everyone; first of all, optometry is free, and the Hong Kong medical standard optometry is used. Optometrists are experienced in technology and professional, giving people a kind of science. And reliable feeling. In addition, the M2C model is adopted, and the optical shops are all opened in office buildings, so the rent of the shops is lower than that of the traditional optical shops, and the cost of the glasses will be reduced accordingly. Therefore, compared with traditional optical shops, the price of the same glasses is about one-third cheaper than them. The styles are also the latest trend styles, and the quality of the lenses and frames have been certified by the National Products Administration. Therefore, no matter in terms of quality, style, optometry, and price, it has been loved and affirmed by many domestic consumers.
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