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Where to buy glasses in Wuxi? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-06
Wuxi, one of the mega cities in East China, is located in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, with the Yangtze River in the north, Taihu Lake in the south, Suzhou in the east, and Changzhou in the west. The optical shops with glasses in Wuxi are all skilled and advanced, and the optometry technology is of course very accurate. Let's take a look at which optical shop in Wuxi City is suitable for glasses. Mingshi Optical Shop, located at No. 15-1 Wenchangyuan, Wuxi City, is affiliated to Fuzhou Mingshi Optical Co., Ltd. Clear Vision Glasses adopts a 360-degree all-round optometry model, which is also a national standard optometry model, and the store design is also in line with consumers' vision. However, the quality of glasses is far less well-known than those of Baodao, Lean and other optical shops. Baodao Optical Shop is located on the first floor of RT-Mart Supermarket on Yangxian Road, Wuxi City, the first floor of Auchan Supermarket at No. 288 Changjiang North Road and 283 Chengjiang West Road. It comes from Taiwan, which is known as a beautiful island. In the eyes of many consumers, Baodao glasses are definitely of good quality, and their optometry equipment is quite advanced, but the price is really ridiculously expensive. A random pair of glasses is worth two or three thousand yuan. Because optical shops such as Baodao, Lean and Mingshi are located in urban areas, and the rent of the shops is very expensive, the cost of opening a shop and the price of glasses should also increase relatively. Therefore, ordinary white-collar workers and students do not like to go to these places to get glasses. Optical shop: It is a brand of Danyang Aojiao E-Commerce Co., Ltd., which officially entered the Chinese mainland market in 2011. OULE adopts a Hong Kong-style optometry physical store. All optometrists have national standard qualification certificates, and the optometry technology is first-class and accurate. Furthermore, OULE's lenses cooperate with international excellent manufacturers, and the quality of the lenses is certified by international product quality management. Compared with the optical shop Baodao, it is an optical shop using M2C mode, and the rent is several times cheaper than it, so the price of the same glasses is almost half cheaper. For example, what you buy in Baodao is 1,000 yuan, and you can get it in OULE for 500 yuan.
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