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Where to buy sunglasses traps need to be familiar with the high quality sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
Although it has been buying sunglasses season, but even the cold winter also need sunglasses protection, buy less people doesn't mean don't need to pay attention to the details to buy sunglasses, many traps need to be familiar with buying sunglasses. America OO9245 18 men sunglasses transparent blackish green/blue trap a: polarized sunglasses are better than ordinary sunglasses polarized sunglasses, is in addition to have the function of the sunglasses, also can put the clutter of reflected light and glare, irregular object reflective abate, shade, and sequence to track through optical axis into eyes visual imaging, depending on the make of rich hierarchy, view more clear. Because the polarizer lens is generally dark color, so in the cloudy day or indoor is not necessary to wear, and should choose some of the common sunglasses can protect eyes from the ultraviolet radiation damage. Trap 2: a pair of sunglasses can be used for many years even though high quality sunglasses lens material is special material, but also with the passage of time and aging. And improper wearing habits, also could damage the sunglasses, even cause deformation, become loose, reduce the service life. So, it is suggested that 1 - 2 years to replace new one. Trap 3: foreign big shop sign sunglasses must be better than domestic brands westerners facial features than we orientals deep, angular face. Some of the big brands abroad picture frame material is more thick, more suitable for westerners facial contour, and not suitable for our Oriental face, so choosing sunglasses, choose suits own is the best, don't blindly pursuing big luxury. Gucci GG1107 / F/S unisex sunglass hawksbill GYXSP trap: four children and the elderly are not suitable for wearing sunglasses with keratitis, retinal detachment, cataract and other eye diseases, wearing sunglasses is more advantageous to the delay and rehabilitation of the disease. However, color blindness, night blindness patients should not be worn. Children under 6 years old should not be wearing sunglasses, also their visual function is not yet mature, also need more sunlight stimulation, when wearing sunglasses would influence the formation of visual development or amblyopia. In sunglasses factory glasses net also buy sunglasses while shopping, but also has different definition and online shopping. Sunglasses factory products online, and is the same price the same quality, so we buy on the net of sunglasses is to go to store to buy oh ~ and sunglasses factory also provide door-to-door optometry service, if you want to be with sunglasses or friends can make an appointment to the door frame glasses optometry, provides a good platform for consumers.
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