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Where to go with glasses in Jinan? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-02
Every city has large and small optical shops, which appear in every street and alley, or in every large shopping mall. Although the optical shop is not prominent among many shops, it is responsible for protecting the eyes, whether it is nearsightedness, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism or other refractive errors. If you want good control and prevention, only Go to the optical shop with a suitable pair of glasses to wear. So, where to wear glasses in Jinan, let's take a look together. 1. Before getting glasses, you first need to go to a professional place for optometry. There are many places in Jinan to get glasses, such as Baodao, Doctor, etc., which are one of the larger glasses chain stores in China. However, in addition to good quality and novel style, the power of the lens is more important for a pair of glasses. The power of the lens is determined by the optometry. If the optometry is not correct, the power of the lens is also inconsistent with the myopia of the eye. It will feel dizzy when worn, and severely cause vision loss again. 2. Compared with peers, it is more professional and cost-effective. Compared with Baodao and Ph.D., the 21-step optometry technology adopted by Hong Kong-style medical standards can fully check the health of other tissues in the eye while refraction. It combines traditional computer optometry and medical optometry. The two technologies can measure the refractive power of the eyes more accurately, and they have always enjoyed a good reputation among consumers across the country. Therefore, in Jinan and even Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other prosperous cities, many consumers have always trusted professional eyewear shops. Third, the price is a factory direct sales model, and the price is more advantageous in large optical shops such as Baodao and Doctor. Compared with some ordinary small optical shops, its optometry is considered more professional and reliable. But the price of glasses is more expensive, like a pair of Baodao, it is about 1,200 yuan. If it is like, in addition to the Hong Kong-style 21-step optometry, the MTOC direct sales model is adopted to market in the form of an office building, which reduces the circulation cost and shop rent of the glasses. Therefore, the price of the same glasses is half cheaper, which is in line with the general public. Consumer concept.
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