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Where to go with glasses in Wuhan? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-04
Wuhan, also known as 'Oriental Chicago'Golden Key'. However, optical shops in this economically prosperous city are also very prosperous. They are located in major commercial centers. Optometry equipment is also very advanced, and optics technology is also very mature. Then where to go with glasses in Wuhan, let's take a look together. The formal optical shops in Wuhan are mainly based on the Baodao optical shop and the optical shop. They all have many famous brand lenses. There are also many styles of glasses, which can be famous for the needs of every consumer. However, these two optical shops also have their own different characteristics. For example, although the Baodao optical shop is very professional in optometry technology and the quality of glasses is also very good, but considering the price, it is too expensive, generally not 2000-3000 It is not worthy of glasses that I am satisfied with. Because optical shops like Baodao are generally opened in commercial buildings in the city center, the rent of optical shops is very expensive, resulting in very high costs, so the price of glasses has also increased a lot. Therefore, the general public is still reluctant to come to such an optical shop to match glasses. First of all, optometry is free, and the 21-step Hong Kong-style optometry technology used in Hong Kong medical standards is professional, scientific and reliable, and the optometrists are all experienced. Coupled with the M2C office building business model adopted, the rent of the optical shop is much cheaper than that of the traditional optical shop, which in essence reduces the cost of expenditure, so the price of glasses is relatively cheaper by about one-third. For example, the same glasses bought on Baodao are 2000, and you can buy them at around 1400. In addition, we are cooperating with well-known brand lens companies, such as TAG Heuer lenses, Essilor lenses, Zeiss lenses, etc., so the quality of the glasses is guaranteed, and the wearer’s eye safety can be guaranteed. Love and support.
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