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Where to sell glasses cheap in Shanghai?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-05-01
Shanghai is a large comprehensive industrial city in the country, and also the center of China's economy, technology, finance, and trade. Therefore, in Shanghai optical shops, whether it is mirror-making equipment or optometry technology, they use more advanced methods, so it is quite trustworthy to match glasses or sell glasses. So where is the cheap glasses in Shanghai, let's take a look at it together. There are many places to sell glasses in Shanghai, such as Shanghai International Optical City, Shanghai Baodao Optical Shop, Shanghai Jingyi Optical Shop, Shanghai Optical Shop and so on. But if you consider the price, quality, and optometry technology, the optical shop is more in line with the public's consumer concepts. Why is it in line with the public's consumption concept? 1. Compared with Shanghai International Optical City, the price of glasses is basically the same, and it is relatively cheaper to sell glasses. However, Shanghai International Optical City is mainly wholesale, so the product quality is not well guaranteed, and the optometry technology is not accurate. The 'Hong Kong-style medical standard' optometry technology is adopted, which is a high-tech technology that integrates computer optometry technology and medical optometry technology. It can accurately measure the refractive power of patients with refractive errors, making it more comfortable and safer to wear glasses. 2. Compared with traditional glasses such as Baodao and Jingyi, the M2C direct sales business model is adopted. The optical shop is operated in the form of an office building, which not only reduces the cost of optical products, but also reduces the rent of the shop. Optical shops such as Baodao and Jingyi are all located in commercial buildings in the city center. As a result, the rent of the shops is extremely expensive. The only way to balance the expenditure is to increase the price of glasses. Therefore, compared with traditional optical shops, the price of the same glasses is more than one-third cheaper. 3. All are well-known companies, especially in the selection of lens brands, with the world's famous Essilor lenses, Zeiss lenses, TAG Heuer lenses and other famous brands, so the quality of glasses is guaranteed. At the same time, the ergonomic manufacturing principle is adopted, which is more comfortable to wear, without any squeezing or foreign body sensation. If you want to buy glasses of average quality and more quantity, you can choose Shanghai International Optical City. But if you want to buy products that are comfortable to wear and of guaranteed quality, you can choose an optical shop.
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