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Which anti-blue glasses is better? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-28
In recent years, wearing anti-blue glasses has emerged, because in work and life, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones have occupied our time for a long time. LED artificial light sources retain a large amount of high-energy short-wave blue light with irregular frequencies. The light emitted from the screen contains part of the 'blue lightELEOCM and OULE have successively launched anti-blue light glasses, so what is the difference between them? Which anti-blue glasses is better? ELEOCM anti-blue light glasses have an anti-blue light rate of 36%, effectively shielding visual fatigue. The exaggerated frameless design does not affect the field of view. The short and straight frame legs fit the contours of the head and are suitable for various face shapes without distortion or stretching of the lenses. From the frame to the lens, they are made in Japan, and the price is as high as thousands of yuan. The frame feet are equipped with openings, which can be used to tie glasses lanyards. It is suitable for business people who are working on several display screens at the same time, and people who watch the display screen for a long time. Long-term exposure to blue light of OULE anti-blue light glasses will have a certain impact on the biological clock. OULE anti-blue light glasses are modern and modern large-frame frame design, the frame is made of ultra-light elastic material, one-piece molding, and AR processing. Multi-layer coating technology, there are anti-reflective coating layers on both sides of the lens. Special design can block high-energy and strong light and disperse stray light. The transmittance of ultraviolet rays is below 1.0% and the transmittance of visible light is 85%. Anti-blue glasses filter specific wavelengths to reduce the damage to the eyes of ultraviolet and short-wave blue light. One of the ways to distinguish anti-blue glasses is to use a grating spectrometer to test the anti-blue light effect of the lenses. In work or life, people who have requirements for true colors can use transparent color lenses, while more people outdoors can use gradient gold lenses and gradient gray lenses.
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