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Which anti-inflammatory eye drops is better?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-02
Anti-inflammatory eye drops generally have antibiotics, and because they have anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects, they can treat some eye diseases. However, it should be noted that anti-inflammatory eye drops can not be used indiscriminately. It needs to be prescribed to the disease and cannot be overly dependent. Eye drops. Let’s take a look at what kind of anti-inflammatory eye drops is better? Because the symptoms of individual eyes are different, and the actual cause of the individual is also different, although many eye drops have anti-inflammatory effects, but the targeted cause and effect will be It's different, so we can't say one-sidedly which anti-inflammatory eye drops is good. Generally, eye drops are of good brands, but only eye drops suitable for individuals are better. Generally speaking, anti-inflammatory eye drops have certain side effects, so don't rely too much on them when using them. Anti-inflammatory syrups. Most eye drops contain antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill bacteria or inhibit bacteria when the eyes are inflamed. Therefore, some eye diseases can be treated. Commonly used are chloramphenicol eye drops, erythromycin eye drops, Runshu eye drops and so on. Since there are many symptoms and causes of eye diseases, do not buy anti-inflammatory eye drops casually. It is better to go to the hospital for examination, use anti-inflammatory eye drops under the guidance of a doctor, and keep your eyes clean. Normal saline can be used to remove the secretions of the eyes, and ofloxacin eye drops, chloramphenicol eye drops, etc. are used appropriately. These are relatively good eye drops with anti-inflammatory effects. If it is viral, you can use acyclovir eye drops, etc., combined with a local cold and wet compress, the anti-inflammatory effect will be better. If it is conjunctivitis, you can also use tobramycin and cortisone acetate eye drops, the effect is good. However, it is better to choose anti-inflammatory eye drops based on the individual's eye symptoms.
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