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Which brand of cycling glasses is better? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-25
Cycling glasses are mainly used to block wind and sand, and have the characteristics of safety, protection, comfort, and beauty. They are often used by enthusiasts such as cycling, running, mountain climbing, skiing and other outdoor sports. Cycling glasses are different from ordinary sunglasses. In addition to the fashion design, most of the lenses use professional PC space lenses, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, filter out messy light, and have super impact resistance and are not easy to break. There are many brands of cycling glasses, and consumers will not know which brand is good when choosing. Today I will introduce you to several famous cycling glasses brands, so as not to be used as a reference when you buy them in the future. OULE cycling glasses OULE is a company's eyewear brand. The lenses are made of high-quality PC lenses. They are polished by foreign advanced technology. Compared with other brands of lenses, they are lighter, thinner, smoother, comfortable to wear, and have a clearer vision. At the same time, it has 100% anti-ultraviolet UVA, UVB and harmful blue light, etc., which fully protects the eyes from the damage of external strong light. Oakley cycling glasses Oakley Oakley is a famous American sports glasses brand. It subverts the concept of traditional glasses in product design and integrates the comfort, practicality and artistry of glasses. Whether in design or material selection, a series of advanced scientific experiments and tests have been carried out to ensure the comfort and stability of the product. Okuna cycling glasses Okuna is a famous outdoor sports eyewear brand with decades of history. The lenses adopt the world's first polarized color-changing lenses, which can adapt to the complex outdoor lighting and automatically adjust at any time, making them very convenient and comfortable to wear. At the same time, the frame is made of TR90 plastic titanium, which can resist high-strength impact, is not easy to break, and is not easy to deform.
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