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Which brand of daily cosmetic contact lenses is better? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-26
Compared with ordinary contact lenses, beauty contact lenses have a better effect of enlarging and brightening eyes, which can instantly make your eyes brighter, so the competition of beauty contact lenses from major brands is also more intense. However, each brand of cosmetic lenses has its own unique characteristics. To know which cosmetic lens brand is better, you must have sufficient knowledge of the brands in the cosmetic lens industry. So today, I will take you to find out which brand of daily disposable color contact lenses is good, so that you can use it as a reference when purchasing in the future. Most people know about Johnson u0026 Johnson Color Contacts. It is the first contact lens brand company to adopt the 'sandwich' sandwich technology, and it is also the leader of daily disposable color lenses. Strong birthday color contact lenses, the oxygen-relieving sandwich technology ensures that the pigment will not hurt the eyes; at the same time, it has high transparency, lightness and comfort, effectively blocking 70% of UVA and 95% of UVB, protecting the eyes from UV damage, comprehensively Take care of eye health. Bausch u0026 Lomb Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Bausch u0026 Lomb is a global eye care company. Its daily disposable lenses follow the principle of seeing better, looking better and feeling better, providing consumers with a series of comfortable and stable wearing lenses. High-quality, safe and clear daily disposable color contact lenses. Moreover, the unique intelligent positioning design of Bausch u0026 Lomb daily disposable color lenses has good tear circulation characteristics, effectively reducing eye allergies caused by protein accumulation, making it healthier to wear. BESCON Daily Disposable Lenses BESCON is the largest contact lens manufacturer in Korea. Its daily disposable lenses have obtained EU CE0032 certification, ISO9002, EN46002 and many other international certifications. All product materials are strictly selected high-precision materials, according to the principle of ergonomics, to give consumers a clear visual effect. The spectacle lenses have the advantages of strong strength and long use time. Haichang Daily Disposable Color Contact Lens Haichang is the first color contact lens brand to introduce soft contact lenses into China, and the first well-known company with a patent for centrifugal casting process. The beauty contact lenses manufactured by it have good lens formability, which makes the wearer feel more comfortable and natural. At the same time, the new aspherical design makes the lenses have a high degree of water-locking function, so that your eyes will always remain in the process of wearing. Hydrated, clear comfort.
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