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Which brand of eye lotion is better?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-02
Although contact lenses do not have any external constraints, some people who wear contact lenses often feel uncomfortable and dry eyes. The eye moisturizing solution for contact lens wearers launched on the market is a good way to relieve these discomforts. Then, among the many brands of eye moisturizing eye solution, which brand is better, let’s take a look at it together. Bar. Alcon Contact Lens Lubricant Alcon is the world's largest ophthalmic products company. It has a great influence in the research and development, production and marketing of eye medicine, eye care and ophthalmology-related equipment. Alcon contact lens lubricating fluid has a neutral pH value, and the ion concentration and viscosity are the same as human physiological tears. It can moisturize the eyes for a long time and is less irritating to the eyes. The long-lasting moisturizing factor contained can also fix water molecules on the lens to protect the eyes from dryness. In addition, Alcon contact lens lubricant also has a bactericidal effect, which can eliminate harmful microorganisms in the lens and protect the health of the eyes. Almighty Ice Blue High Moisture Eye Liquid Almighty Ice Blue High Moisture Eye Liquid is an eye care drug brand under the global eye care professional company Eye Life, which has a high reputation. The Almighty Ice Blue High Moisture Eye Liquid uses a natural tear formula, which is less irritating to the eyes, and contains high moisture eye moisturizing factors, which are rich in moisture, which can provide sufficient moisture to the eyes and nourish the eyeballs. Patented Ocupure formula, the preservatives can be decomposed by light, which makes eye care healthier. Haichang Run Eye Liquid Haichang Run Liquid can significantly improve eye dryness and eye irritation. Haichang Run Eye Liquid has the dual effects of moisturizing eyes and moisturizing lenses, effectively improving the symptoms of dry eyes caused by wearing contact lenses, and improving the comfort of wearing contact lenses. Visine Youneng High Moisture Eye Drops Visine Youneng High Moisture Eye Drops are fused with the tears secreted by the human body, healthy and comfortable to use. It contains high-moisture moisturizing factors, and the eyes can always maintain a comfortable feeling. Enhance the stability of the tear film. The extracted natural plant essence is gentle and non-irritating, giving natural care to the eyes. The moisturizing formula forms a polymerized layer of water molecules to moisturize the eyeballs and eliminate dry eyes.
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