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Which brand of glasses is the best? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-21
In the eyewear industry, in addition to the rich brands of eyeglasses and the brands of eyeglass accessories such as eyeglass frames, the brands of eyeglass lenses are also very rich. A pair of genuine brand spectacle lenses has a very good effect, such as a very comprehensive effect in isolating ultraviolet rays, glare and correcting refraction. However, with the rapid development of the eyewear industry, there are more and more brands of eyeglass lenses, and many people do not know which brand is good. Spectacles is a brand optical shop integrating design, production and sales. It is also one of the largest glasses chain organizations in China. Since its establishment in 2011, there have been nearly 50 chain stores nationwide. The spectacle lenses are designed with humanized characteristics, using high-quality foreign materials, combined with the current more advanced mirror-making technology, so that each lens is not only comfortable to wear, but also superior to many domestic and foreign in terms of filtering ultraviolet rays and blocking harmful glare. Brand spectacle lenses are one of the best choices for myopic patients. Essilor spectacle lenses Essilor is one of the more famous lens brands in China. Each of its lenses fully integrates human vision and optical technology, and is a leader in the world's optometry industry. Essilor has progressive lenses, myopia lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, anti-fog lenses, and photochromic lenses, all of which are relatively rare types of lenses for human beings. They block ultraviolet rays and filter harmful glare and blue light. The effect is better, so Essilor lenses are also the most trusted products by many consumers. In addition to spectacle lenses and Essilor spectacle lenses, there are also many famous spectacle lens brands in China, such as Heuer lenses, Wanxin lenses, Mingyue lenses, etc., which are all internationally famous brand lenses. But if we consider the price, quality and manufacturing process of the product, the 'MTOC' direct sales model adopted reduces the circulation cost of spectacle lenses, so the same spectacle lenses can save half the price, which is more in line with the consumption concept of the masses. .
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