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Which cartoon character is most suited to wear sunglasses! Turtle fairy first!

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Because each cartoon works there will be a lot of role, therefore a character if we don't have their own personality, so it is difficult to remember by everyone. When it comes to personality, maybe sunglasses is a major bright spot. So exactly what role is particularly suited to wear sunglasses? Recently, the Japanese media were investigated. Among them, ranking the top is the 'dragon ball' turtle immortals, this role is the wu is empty and others teacher, always carry a turtle at ordinary times, and then the sunglasses. Of course, although special lewd at ordinary times, but still seems to be especially at the essential time. And associated with more than 300 years old, but also become a kind of advantage? As for the second is the role of 'sky city' moose card. Because the work almost every year the replay, so was known by countless Japanese audiences. Moose card in the works 'people just like rubbish', and the ending is very sad, is also impressive. Third is the role of detective conan vodka. As important members of the black organization, he also has a lot of scenes in the main story. But according to the official book introduction, actually vodka lives in an old house at ordinary times, also make track for a star, and that's all right to drink a little wine. Well, it seems that also is to have the milk of human kindness. 【 The most suitable sunglasses anime character ranking 】 The first turtle immortals ( 'Dragon ball') 72 the second coming ( 'Sky city') 51 (third vodka Detective conan) 45 the fourth wave of Luke ( 'Red pig') 44 fifth set Iraq court falcon ( 'City hunter') 42 votes fifth wave wave to wave, wave to wave ( The real hair blow nose ') 42 votes seventh CangWen too high ( 'Crayon small new') 41 votes eighth crane fairy ( 'Dragon ball') Don Quixote (37 votes ninth The navigation king ') The tenth banerjee (35 votes 'The mobile suit Z is as high as') This article 30 ticket from tencent anime, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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