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Which color of sunglasses is better for the eyes? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-13
In the early years, when sunglasses were not so popular, there was only one large frame type, and there was only a single black series in color. However, the living conditions and ways of life have changed a lot now. There are various styles of sunglasses that consumers can access, including narrow edge, wide edge, round, release, etc. There are also many beautiful color combinations, such as red, blue, green, etc., so that everyone can start when they choose. Overwhelmed. So, which color of sunglasses is better for the eyes? First, green, gray, and brown are protective for human eyes. Experts explain: from the perspective of human physiology, green, gray, and brown are beneficial to people. The eyes have a protective effect, and the general color is too light is not very good. For the current glasses market, the materials produced by sun lenses are basically the same as those of myopia lenses, and there are also two types of atmospheric resin sheets and glass sheets, but the processing technologies of these two glasses materials are completely different. However, no matter what kind of lens tinting method, the choice of color must help our glasses. Second, which color of sunglasses is better for the eyes? If the color of the sunglasses is too dark, it will be largely because of the relationship of the traffic line of sight, and it will not be able to clearly sense the occurrence of traffic accidents; the sunglasses that are too light cannot be Plays a very effective role in blocking light. For the ability of glasses to identify traffic signals, only green, red, and yellow are currently strictly regulated. However, when choosing sunglasses that are more suitable for color, there is a small coup that you may wish to try. When you buy it, you must try it on yourself, and carefully see whether the chromatic aberration of the surrounding environment changes greatly. If the degree of color change is small, it means that the color of this sunglasses is more suitable.
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