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Which is better, frame glasses or contact lenses?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-05
Frame glasses and contact lenses have their own characteristics, each with its own style characteristics, and frame glasses and contact lenses are liked by everyone, the safety of frame glasses is incomparable to contact lenses, and contact lenses have no frame The comfort is also unmatched by frame glasses. So, which one is better, frame glasses or contact lenses? Let’s take a look at it together. First, the frame eyes and contact lenses have a certain decorative effect. Especially colored contact lenses, because of the diversity of colors and the richness of patterns, the decorative effect on the eyes is particularly obvious, and the eyes can also show different charms. Whether it is mixed-race or watery innocent eyes, it is very exciting. Moreover, different patterns and colors are designed to show different eye charms. Second, the frame glasses have a good role in modifying the face shape. Through the principle of complementarity, it can show the advantages of the face shape and cover up the shortcomings, which is not possible with contact lenses. There are also many colors of frame glasses, not only monochrome, but also many double color matching, and the styles of glasses are also various, retro, avant-garde, fashion trend, etc., also show different temperament, different Charm. The thickness of the frame's lines, soft and firm characteristics, have a certain set off in personal temperament. Third, both frame glasses and contact lenses can correct a certain degree. But generally speaking, frame glasses have a wider correction range. As the higher the degree, the lens will be thicker, so the general contact lens correction degree is generally higher. There are many pieces in the range of 800 degrees, and for some more complicated vision conditions, contact lenses are not suitable, such as astigmatism. Frame glasses can be corrected well, but for contact lenses, some Contact lenses are only suitable for correcting low-grade astigmatism. Fourth, contact lenses are easy to affect the health of the eyes. Contact lenses are suitable for close contact with the cornea and have a direct threat to the health of the eyes. If the care of contact lenses is not good, it will directly endanger the health of the eyes, and contact lenses It is not suitable for long-term wear, otherwise the eyes will be hypoxic for a long time, which will cause related eye diseases.
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