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Which is better, half-yearly or yearly? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-21
In recent years, there are endless cosmetic contact lenses. There are also high-quality cosmetic contact lenses from major brands. You can buy different cosmetic contact lenses online as long as you need them. You can also buy some imported cosmetic contact lenses. The semi-annual and annual sales of cosmetic contact lenses do have a relatively high market sales volume, because the use cycle is relatively long, and the natural price is also lower. But which one is better for half-yearly or yearly-selling cosmetic contact lenses? The difference between semi-annual disposable and annual disposable In fact, the use period of the cosmetic contact lenses is relatively clear. For example, the semi-annual disposable can be worn for six months, while the annual disposable can be worn for one year before discarding. And if it is a daily throw, you can only wear 24 hours if you have more contact lenses, and start counting the time after unpacking. However, you usually wear cosmetic contact lenses for 8 hours a day, so you usually need to throw away cosmetic contact lenses for about ten hours every day. Which is better for semi-annual and annual price comparison. If it is the same quality and the same brand of cosmetic contact lenses, you can see that the unit price sold in the middle age is higher, followed by half a year. However, if you compare the cost-effectiveness of the time of use, it is indeed more cost-effective to sell it every year. In this way, the average daily price is definitely more cost-effective than other cosmetic contact lenses. Water content comparison. Generally, the longer the use time of the cosmetic contact lens, the lower the water content, so that the contact lens can be used for a longer time. The water content of half-year throwing is generally higher than that of annual throwing, and the softness is better. In general, such cosmetic contact lenses are not very moisturizing, so friends with sensitive eyes may not be suitable for use. Comparison of stereotypes. In fact, the semi-annual and annual cosmetic contact lenses are good. If you are a novice, such well-designed cosmetic contact lenses are more suitable for novices and are easier to wear and take off. At this point, there is not much difference between the two. Comparison of hygiene. It is recommended that everyone choose short-period cosmetic contact lenses because they are more hygienic. If it is true that the cosmetic contact lenses are thrown every year and worn for 12 months, there will definitely be more bacteria and protein deposits on them. Therefore, it is recommended to choose short-period cosmetic contact lenses if the economy permits.
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