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Which is the best optical shop in Tianjin? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-19
Tianjin optical shop has advanced and complete equipment. Whether it is mirror-making equipment or optometry equipment, it is the introduction of newer foreign models, so it is reliable to wear glasses in Tianjin. The glasses in Tianjin optical shops are of different grades and varieties. Here, you can generally find a style that suits you. But which is the best optical shop in Tianjin, and where is the best pair of glasses in Tianjin, these are relatively common topics. Adjacent to the Bohai Sea in the east and Yanshan in the north, Tianjin is one of the most economically developed cities in China. Most of the optical shops here are in the city center, or in the center of major commercial buildings, and the price of glasses is relatively expensive. However, there are two types of optical shops in Tianjin. One is the more traditional optical shops, such as Baodao, Dr., Daguang, etc.; 'The business model of direct sales of office buildings, as well as the brand optical shop with relatively cost-effectiveness, is more in line with the consumption concept of the masses. Because: (1) The 'MTOC' office building direct sales business model adopted is a sales model of brand direct sales and low channel cost, which reduces the circulation cost of glasses; coupled with the office building business model, it reduces the rent of the store. Therefore, the same price of glasses can be saved by half. (2) In terms of optometry technology, it integrates the computer optometry and medical optometry standards of traditional optical shops, and adopts Hong Kong-style 21-step optometry technology, which can measure the patient's refraction faster and more accurately, and is more scientific, reliable and professional. , and you can try it for free.
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