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Which method is better for juvenile myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-26
In recent years, as the incidence of myopia among adolescents has become higher and higher, it has affected the health and learning of children, and has attracted widespread attention from families and society. Therefore, the treatment of adolescent myopia has become the focus of major media. At present, the most popular methods of correcting vision include wearing frame glasses, wearing orthokeratology, and laser treatment. So which method is better to treat adolescent myopia? Let's take a look at it together. Among the three methods of wearing frame glasses, wearing orthokeratology and laser treatment of myopia, most people prefer to wear orthokeratology. Because the orthokeratology lens has passed the US FDA certification, it is safe and effective to treat myopia, and it will not cause irreversible deformation of the cornea. In addition to not causing deformation to the cornea, orthokeratology lenses also have many advantages that are favored by the majority of users. Such as: <一>. Orthokeratology lens has a topographic map that can accurately analyze the resting cornea's numbers, which is used as the basis for lens data, and the safety is well guaranteed. <2>. High-precision equipment is used for processing and design to make the shape of the lens completely match the eyeball, and the unique technical processing of the edge of the lens makes the exchange of tears in the eyes easy and free. <3>. Compared with frame glasses, the most obvious point is that there is no need to try on during the fitting process, because it uses advanced equipment to collect holographic corneal data to design and make lenses, so the effect of wearing is far beyond the frame. Glasses, eyesight also recovered very quickly, and the field of vision became clearer. <4>. The lens is made of special high-permeable materials of more than 100DK, so the oxygen permeability, light permeability, and compatibility are very high. The cornea can breathe oxygen safely, which can greatly reduce the possibility of eye diseases. <5>. Orthokeratology lens has good reversibility, no side effects such as glare, diffraction, and visual fatigue. It not only has clear, comfortable and long-lasting vision, but also can effectively control the deepening of adolescents' myopia. Which method is better for the treatment of juvenile myopia? Orthokeratology, although advanced in technology, is effective. But compared with frame glasses, some of them are still inferior to frame glasses. Because the orthokeratology lens is in direct contact with the eyeball, it will have a little effect on the eye after a long time, but the frame glasses will not. Besides, every treatment has its advantages and disadvantages, so there is no best treatment, only the most suitable treatment.
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