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Which Nanjing Optical Store is better? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-22
Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province. It is located on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, near the river and the sea. It is one of the four ancient capitals of China. In this prosperous city of Nanjing, although optical shops are not very eye-catching, they are more often talked about. Because with the advancement of science, people's awareness of eye protection is getting stronger and stronger. Whether it is vision-correcting glasses for myopia, or sunglasses that protect against ultraviolet rays, more people are concerned. So which is the best Nanjing optical shop, or where is the best Nanjing glasses, let's take a look at it together. There are many Nanjing glasses shops, located in the center of major commercial buildings, or on the streets and alleys. For example, there are the famous Wu Liangcai glasses, Baodao glasses, shiny glasses and Jiaming glasses. These are more traditional glasses shops and are the favorite glasses brands of many consumers. However, these optical shops are relatively expensive. Due to many factors, they can only increase the price of glasses to obtain more profits. For example, the rent of optical shops is more expensive and the circulation exchange rate of glasses is higher, which leads to an increase in the cost of glasses sales. However, in addition to the traditional optical shops, the operating system and model are more in line with the consumer concept of the majority of groups, because: (1) Adopting the 'MTOC' direct sales model, as well as the office building business model, adopting brand direct sales and low channel cost models, which reduces The circulation exchange rate of glasses and the rent of the shop, so the same glasses can save half of the price; (2) The use of 'Hong Kong-style medicine 21-step optometry technology, More professional and more reliable. Which is the best Nanjing optical shop? Nanjing is one of the oldest developed cities in China. Regardless of the prosperity of commerce and economy, its glasses matching technology is also quite professional and reliable. However, from the perspective of the price, quality and optometry technology of glasses, the 'MTOC' direct selling model and the '21-step Hong Kong-style medicine optometry technology' are more in line with the consumer's concept of the masses.
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