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Which optical shop in Danyang Optical City is good? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-30
Danyang Optical City is the largest and more professional glasses wholesale market in China. Whether it is optometry equipment or mirror-making equipment, it is based on the height of internationalization. The glasses wholesale market is a new trend, so it is known as the Chinese glasses capital of the world. As the largest wholesale market for glasses in China, Danyang Optical City has a construction area of u200bu200babout 37,000 square meters and about 800 shops. It can be divided into brand area, boutique area, accessories and equipment area, office display area and major commercial pedestrian streets. Wait. However, among these more than 800 shops, which one has a wide variety of glasses, novel styles, and professional glasses matching technology? Most myopic patients know that the glasses city is mainly based on wholesale glasses, so no matter which glasses city it is, Its optometry technology, glasses quality and service attitude are not guaranteed. There is a big aberration with some professional optical shops, such as Baodao Glasses, Lean Glasses, and other optical shops. These are formal and professional well-known optical shops, and the glasses-dispensing technology has won the affirmation of the masses. Therefore, if you only want to match a pair of glasses, it is better not to choose the glasses city, to avoid the lenses that do not meet the actual degree of myopia. However, if you want to buy glasses products in large quantities, there are more than 800 shops in Danyang Optical City, which can meet your needs. However, the price of glasses is much cheaper than that of some professional optical shops. If you only need a pair of glasses, you can choose, because compared with Baodao and Lean, it adopts Hong Kong-style medical standard 21-step optometry technology, which can measure the patient's refraction more comprehensively and accurately. At the same time, the MTOC office direct sales business model adopted reduces circulation costs and store rents, and the same glasses can save half the price.
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