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Which sunglasses brands are better? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-19
Sunglasses are one of the must-haves for dressing up cool people. What color is good for sunglasses? How can you quickly choose a sunglasses that suit your style? Right? In response to these questions, today I brought you the relevant knowledge of the sunglasses brand, hoping to help you. Ray-Ban (USA): Simple, high-quality design is an enduring element of the brand. Ray-Ban does not deliberately pursue fashion. Ray-Ban's style is timeless design and simple style, but the classic style lasts for a long time. The new style is more youthful, but there is no lack of stable feeling. This is Ray-Ban's style. Enduring features. Oakley (United States): Sculpture is the brand's unique style, and sculptural design is the brand's unique style that challenges traditional thinking. Persol (Italy): Craftsmanship and quality are the keys to success, Persol is a symbol of elegance and functional beauty in design and unique value. AO (United States): It is also the favorite of the Air Force. It was introduced into the Air Force in the 1930s and became the standard equipment of the U.S. military, and was generally welcomed by the military. Randolph (United States): Mainly men's sunglasses, very popular with men, military enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, and even self-driving tourists can't put it down. Police (Italy): The wild color combination is the symbol of the brand's brilliance. The brand pays attention to the details of product design and integrates tactile feeling. Cartier (France): Professional technology and unique style, excellent craftsmanship, convey the noble value of its brand. Mont Blanc (Germany): Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1906, meticulousness is their brand style. It is very popular among Europeans and is very popular in the European market. A tribute to design, tradition and excellent craftsmanship, the brand takes into account both popularity and taste, using precious and rare materials including gold, silver, rhodium, titanium, manganese, etc., which not only ensures the superior processing technology, but also pays attention to beautiful appearance, superior performance and extraordinary quality. Gucci (Italy): When you mention this name, it is synonymous with luxury and gluttony. It has always been famous for its high-end, luxurious and sexy. With its brand image of 'symbol of identity and wealthdarling. Marc Jacobs (France): It maintains the usual aristocratic casual style and has more fashion highlights, combining the power of New York with the luxury and elegance of Paris, but the American style with artistic temperament. Tom Ford (Italy): For Tom Ford, the word 'saucy' is not corrupt, not pornographic, nor smoky, but an extremely tasteful attitude to life, a sensual and emotional double enjoyment. Emporio Armani (Italy): This is the brand of Armani's youth series. The design style is lighter and brighter than the main line products. In this way, it is more relaxed and elegant and less serious.
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