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Which types of children are susceptible to myopia?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-20
Myopia, as an eye disease with a wide range of hazards at present, although it does not have a serious impact on the human body, it harms human health to a certain extent. In most myopia groups, the prevalence of underage children is relatively high. When many parents mentioned why their children are short-sighted, they all have the same answer. Caused by excessive eyes. In fact, this is not the case. Some children may be prone to myopia even if they do well in their usual eye care habits. This has a certain relationship with the children's own conditions. 1. Premature children are susceptible to myopia: During pregnancy, some parents cause their children to give birth 2 or more weeks earlier due to some reason, resulting in the incomplete development of the child’s ocular structure. Therefore, these children are more than normal children. The possibility of developing myopia is relatively high. 2. Both parents are myopia: Myopia is caused by acquired factors and genetic factors. Generally speaking, if the myopia of the parents is between 300-600°, the myopia of the child has a great relationship with the myopia of the parents; And if the myopia of the parents is above 600°, the proportion of children suffering from myopia is very high. 3. Children born with a lighter weight: Children with low birth weight are prone to myopia. For example, a newly born child weighs less than 2500 grams. During adolescence, the child’s cornea will develop slowly, plus some acquired Factors that may cause the child to be prone to myopia. 4. Children with frequent insomnia are susceptible to myopia: Children in the growth and development stage, if frequent insomnia leads to insufficient sleep, they will be more susceptible to myopia. Especially children aged 7-14 years old, due to some factors, such as more homework, resulting in reduced sleep time for children, will be more likely to cause myopia. The formation of myopia in children is mostly due to acquired factors and genetic factors. If genetic factors are excluded, the better way to prevent myopia in children is to reduce visual fatigue and relax the pressure of eye adjustment appropriately. At the same time, go to a professional optician to check your eyesight regularly. If your eyesight has dropped to more than 100°, it is better to wear moderate glasses to correctly control and correct the refractive errors in your eyes.
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