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While wearing dark glasses looks very cool and very handsome, but zhou felt inexplicably happy feeling

by:Eugenia     2020-08-15
Fashionable sunglasses, this thing a lot of great coffee and star, in order to be cool or low, always little not anyway, usually wear sunglasses to our feeling is high cold, cold, but not all star sunglasses are of this kind of feeling, like zhou is the exception, such as zhou in the airport wearing a flower skirt wearing sunglasses, always feel some happy feeling. That look at once, isn't it, come to feel without a domineering, anyway, bring strange happy feeling? But also have to say, zhou this flower skirt really is really old, completely doesn't fit her style. In the outside of zhou. Stripe sweaters and coats are more personality, however, glasses to ruin the overall temperament. To say cool sunglasses is very handsome, than a fat di, fat di at the airport all like to wear sunglasses, handsome and neatly, especially with the black clothes, especially have a van, severe yo, my dick. Coat with knit unlined upper garment also is very handsome. Say say tiffany tang fan, sweet pink turtleneck and a pink coat, the collocation that fastens with color seem to be very warm very sweet, sunglasses, she also is very handsome, have a van, tiffany tang shape is very tall, after all, this kind of collocation is something. And she is also very have temperament, whether fur clothing collocation black sweater a cool, or t-shirts tie-in white coat looks fresh, na clothing product itself is very severe, and people also is very beautiful, so such collocation completely no problem. Say more than that a few are high LengFan, then tell me about Li Qin, Li Qin belongs to sweet, white T-shirt with a ponytail, wearing cowboy coat looks is also very handsome, the modelling of ponytail more outstanding youth spell able temperament, smartly. When your glasses, ouch, that this girl is so sweet ah, just still looked so handsome, how becomes a little woman modelling? This article from the news knew, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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