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Who are the large frame glasses suitable for? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-19
In recent years, the more popular eyeglass frames are still large frames. Although the design has been improved to some extent, it has to be said that this type of frame has been among the best in sales for five or six years, and many young people like it very much. Glasses design. But everyone should know that everyone's face and temperament are different, and you should definitely consider whether it is suitable for you when choosing glasses frames. But what kind of people are more suitable for large-frame glasses? First, the first choice for big face frames. Maybe we can do micro-surgery for the facial features, but the area of u200bu200bthe face is really innate. People with larger head bones will have a bigger face. This is what everyone usually calls 'big face'. 'At this time, we must still pick some suitable frames. Frames that are too small will only make your face look bigger, so this kind of people is very suitable for large-frame glasses, the overall matching effect is better, and it is also a way of matching that is very easy to reduce age. Second, a long face is more suitable. Although a long face is similar to an oval face, because the face is relatively long, it looks like the overall coordination is not good. However, people with this type of face have a pointed chin, so it is still easy to match the frame. It is also recommended for friends with long faces to choose a large frame, which is easier to match and is also conducive to face modification. 3. Faces with higher cheekbones Regardless of the face shape, there are some people with higher cheekbones, so you may not look like apple muscles, but some plateau red. I also recommend this kind of friends to choose large-frame eyes, because the edge of the glasses frame can directly help us cover the cheekbones of the face, which will make your face look more intimate. The frames chosen by different people will definitely have great differences, so no matter how you choose frames, you should always consider your face shape. If you can choose a suitable frame to match your face shape, you will find that your temperament will change to a certain extent.
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