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Who is suitable for wearing contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-31
Contact lenses are very popular because they are very convenient and comfortable without the frame. However, some people are not suitable for wearing contact lenses. People who are suitable for wearing contact lenses are not only related to personal constitution, but also related to some life situations. Let's take a look at who is suitable for wearing contact lenses. Some people with myopia are suitable for wearing contact lenses. Some people who wear spectacles are suitable for wearing contact lenses, which can correct refractive errors. Some people with high myopia have astigmatism and can also be worn. Some occupational needs can also wear contact lenses. For example, athletes, drivers, business travelers, outdoor workers, flight attendants, etc., are very suitable, which can reduce the restraint of the frame, and it is also very convenient to wear. Actors and TV presenters may also wear them for styling or role-playing needs. Photographers and microscope operators can be comfortable without the frame, and work is also very convenient. If people who work with masks, such as doctors and chefs, wear contact lenses, they can reduce the trouble of fogging when wearing glasses. Some people with eye diseases are also suitable for wearing contact lenses. For example, after monocular cataract surgery, aphakia leads to anisometropia in both eyes, and glasses cannot be worn. Contact lenses can cover small lacerations of the cornea or act as a drug film after corneal surgery to slowly release pupil dilation, miosis and other effects. Contact lenses can also treat photophobia in patients with albinism and iris defects. The color around the lens is the same as the color of the iris, and the center is transparent to treat photophobia. People with leukoplakia, wearing colored contact lenses, can beautify the eyes and play a cosmetic effect.
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