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Who said the glasses don't need makeup?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Many girls think glasses don't need make-up, because glasses will be covering part of the eye, also do not think the glasses will cover your charm, wears glasses, draw a makeup might make you more have temperament! Bamboo wood wild sichuan Z2602 unisex eyeglass frame C1 black gold 1. First of all, we want to know, myopic lens to reduce the effect will make our eyes look smaller, so the makeup to enlarge eyes is our focus. 2. Make the eyes look bigger, more black eyeliner is king! If you think black eyeliner look very abrupt that you're wrong. For girls don't wear glasses and has bright eyes, we can choose the coffee color eyeliner produce a makeup like without makeup effect, but that's because you're wearing has a narrow vision function of myopia glasses, so want to eyes through thick 'coke bottle' looks great and god, small make up recommend you must use black eyeliner, and are black enough! ! ! ! Eyeliner must turn to the eyelashes, eyelash aperture is not white! 3. In addition to the eyeliner appropriate with eye shadow will only make your eyes bigger and more. Eye shadow colour with simple for good, can choose the color eye shadow of the earth. With dark brown eye shadow and dizzy black eyeliner cohesion do natural shading effect, reoccupy fastens with color eye shadow depth change into the eye socket, eye shadow range of avoid by all means don't be too big, with open eyes see eye shadow colour advisable. With some small sootiness sense, eyeliner brush with pearly white, will expand the eyes from the vision. Bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1611 unisex eyeglass frame C3 hawksbill. 4. Let eyelash held up his hand and you said: 'hello! 'The eye itself is a slender girl can through to make a very become warped eyelash clip on surrender to enhance visual magnification effect! And clip becomes warped on mascara brush long eyelashes is not so easy to run into the lens. Clip becomes warped after coated with mascara with Z glyph, eyelash clip again after dry, such as next eyelash besmear, well will be bigger and more such eyes. Remember: eyelash must be thick enough! If such a makeup still feel not enough, small make up recommend a relevant article: the charm of female office worker glasses look, a few charm makeup to let workers you can also is full of fascinating breath!
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