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Who says a white frame sunglasses charm is the soil of speaking to

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
A lot of people are think about a white frame sunglasses very soil, is really want to see the style and personal temperament, to look at the photo of almighty goddess SiHui, charm but speaking to! Known as the goddess of the universal SiHui, not only keen to shape the role of different style, also like to challenge the modelling of different style, more have their own views on fashion, the fresh spring street snap photo of the exposure, it is not difficult to found the SiHui lovely forthright and sincere side. She was dressed in a white bud silk small skirt wearing white in the photo frame sunglasses, brimming with vitality, small and pure and fresh style in showing a unique sexy fashion temperament, combine fashion and pure and fresh. Sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/dazzle colour purple the white frame sunglasses small make up people like it very much, this is a classic punk wind sunglasses, suitable friends like tide. Box type design is very attractive, simple but not monotonous, and metal decoration. White frame with purple lens, such collocation is rare, such glasses let you become the focus of peoples attention on a hot summer day, the charm but speaking to. Sunglasses sunglasses factory 1105 b2 gray tide female big box sunglass on the sunglasses was more suitable for mature female, currently the sunglasses with a gun grey color and two kinds of styles to choose from, fashionable and highlight temperament; This kind of sunglasses is suitable for the occasion to wear a lot of models and taking pictures, outdoor activities, can be worn when you travel.
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