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Why are new glasses uncomfortable to wear at first? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-07
When the glasses were first fitted, there was a process of adaptation in the hospital to be able to determine the degree of your glasses. And if you have newly acquired glasses, after you wear them, you will feel very uncomfortable, or even a little nauseous, you should be especially cautious in this situation. It is recommended that you must go to a formal institution to get glasses. If you are uncomfortable at the beginning, it may be caused by the following reasons. The first reason is that it is in the trial process because you just got the new glasses, which must be completely different from your previous glasses. For example, many old lenses are not clear enough, and there will be some yellowing and wear, but our eyes have adapted to such a situation, so after getting new glasses, there will be a certain use process. However, if you just feel uncomfortable because of this, I also suggest that you don't worry, generally you can recover after wearing it for a period of time. Some people have strong adaptability and can wear it for a few days, while some people may need to adjust for two weeks. The second reason is that the degree is incorrect. Everyone's degree is different. Many times when we wear glasses, if the other party is not professional enough, the degree may also be abnormal. Even if the measured degree is correct, but the processing is incorrect, it will also cause certain problems. Therefore, we should definitely determine whether the degree of power is correct. It is more recommended that you use formal channels to perform glasses, which is more secure. The third reason is that there is a deviation of the interpupillary distance. The interpupillary distance is not something we can measure by ourselves, and it is necessary to dilate the pupil before fitting the glasses so that the specific situation of the interpupillary distance can be checked. Especially when young people are still growing up, the specific circumstances of interpupillary distance must also be considered. If it feels uncomfortable to wear, it may be a problem with the interpupillary distance. It is recommended to perform the test again to determine the interpupillary distance and the condition of the lens to check.
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