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Why are the degrees of my eyes so different? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-29
There are still many people with myopia. In fact, as long as you can determine your degree and do your optometry, it is very cost-effective to go directly to the optician, and you can save a lot of money. However, you may have also discovered that after optometry, we discovered that the eye power is actually different. In the cognition of many people, the two eyes should have the same degree of myopia. How can there be such a big difference in the degree of myopia? First, the problems caused at birth. Some people are really short-sighted congenital, and the axial development of the two eyes is not balanced, so there will be a very big difference in the degrees of the two eyes. In such a situation, there is no particularly good way, only to match the glasses according to the results of the inspection. If it is a high degree of myopia, then you can select a lens with a relatively high refractive index, so that even if the difference between the two eyes is more than 200, there will be no difference in thickness. 2. Problems during development. Many people like to write with their heads tilted during development. In fact, this situation can easily lead to a big difference in the degrees of the two eyes. Why do many people have a higher degree of myopia in the right eye than in the left eye? You can imagine whether you like to lie down on the desk and do homework in middle and high school. Most people write with the right hand, and the right eye is the dominant eye. One of the conditions may cause the difference between the power of the two eyes to become larger and larger. If it can be stabilized within 50 degrees, it will actually have no effect. 3. What to do if there is a big difference in power Since you already know that your two eyes are very different in power, then I suggest that you must do accurate optometry. You must determine your binocular power before going for glasses. As long as you can ensure that there is no problem with the power of the glasses, the comfort of your eyes is stronger. And also pay attention to changing your habitual posture, so you can avoid this kind of power gap increase.
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