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Why do I feel uncomfortable with my new glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-07
After changing the new glasses, there will be some unsuitability, although we will pay great attention to the optometry when we wear the glasses, and we will also adapt for a period of time in the hospital. But after wearing the glasses, it seems that there will still be some uncomfortable situations. At this time, we must pay special attention to what is causing it. Don’t wear them blindly for a long time. It’s not that you will be able to adapt after wearing the glasses for a long time. good. First, the effect of the new glasses is normal. We have worn the previous glasses for a period of time, so we have adapted to the previous wearing method. After changing the glasses, most people will have a certain period of adaptation. Each person's adaptation time is different, but It usually takes about two or three days to fully adapt. But if we are equipped with functional glasses, such as progressive glasses worn by middle-aged and elderly people, it takes about a week to adapt. Second, there is a problem with the glasses itself. It is recommended that you should still use the formal channels to match the glasses. If you still feel dizzy and nauseous after wearing for a few days, or even can't see things at all, it is probably because there is a problem with the glasses itself. . For example, the left and right spectacle lenses are exchanged during processing, or the wheelbase and axis positions are not selected properly, or even a certain deformation of the spectacle frame may cause such problems. Third, the frame is too large. In recent years, oversized frames have become popular, but they are not suitable for everyone. Because this type of frame is not easy to control the interpupillary distance, if you don’t adjust it well, in fact, wearing large-frame glasses will increase your power a little, and it will definitely be uncomfortable to wear. Generally, there is no problem with the new glasses. We only need to adapt to a day or two to recover, and wearing them will not be affected. But if it is really long-term wear or not a service, it is recommended to go to a professional organization for inspection to determine whether there is a problem with the glasses itself, and then proceed with follow-up treatment.
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