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Why do you want to wear sunglasses? What kind of sun glasses is better

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Now walk in the street, we can see all sorts of multifarious people wearing sunglasses, small make up just think, why you guys have to wear sunglasses? Is it really the sun stabbed eyes? So many colorful sun lenses, exactly which good? Most people know that the sun's uv rays can damage the skin and, of course, it will hurt our eyes, the sun damage on every part of the eye, and a cumulative, long-term accumulated for eye cornea, retina, lens and so on, there will be damage, will lead to cataracts, photochemical corneal eye, eye diseases. But so many people choose to wear sunglasses in addition to shade sunscreen, protect your eyes, there is another important function is the fashion! Recommended reading: how to determine qualified sunglasses? So we should have the ideal sunglasses which important condition? 1, must be able to filter out more than 98% of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine. 2, blocking light function. 3, do not make 'parallax' and 'color'. 'Parallax is after wearing glasses to see things walk, distorted, up and down the stairs steps miscalculation. 'Color' serious when, a red light and green light will not clear, causing danger. 4, sunglasses styles to fashion, fashion, the most fashionable! The glasses frame, of course, is also the focus of the sunglasses. In addition to beautiful this requirement, it must be able to stabilize the lens, don't let it loose or fall off. 5, lenses, surface treatment, refractive, curved radian and safety degree of reinforcement is also the sun glasses to depict and eye condition. Recommended reading: sunglasses material, color, how to choose if you want to buy a pair of ideal sunglasses, in addition to buy regular sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, one is to choose according to own situation the sun glasses, sun glasses what kind? Lenses has the following categories: 1. Antireflection protective lens: the lens is in the surface coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride, in order to prevent the strong light reflection, let you see things more clearly and without strong light interference. 2. Colored lenses: also called 'dyeing lens', is in the lens production process, add some chemicals, let the lens present color, to absorb certain wavelengths of light. 3. Polarized lenses: in order to filter the sun shone on the water, land, or snow in the direction of equality of dazzling light, special coating on the lens in vertical, is called a polarized lens. The most suitable for outdoor sports, For example: offshore activities, skiing and fishing) When use. 4. Color lenses, also some people called 'photographic lenses. Because chemicals in lenses to join silver halide, let originally colorless lens, meets the glare, becomes colored lenses, for protection, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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